“To think creatively about neighborhood investment and public participation, and to be a hub for new ideas in Niagara Falls.” 


“To provide our neighborhoods with better housing, public spaces, and economic opportunities through strategies based on real community input, every day.”


Your Niagara Falls Community Development Team listens to local residents and delivers tangible results. Through constant collaboration, we focus on home ownership, housing renovations, the creation of accessible public places and youth oriented programs, small business assistance, provision of sustainable housing and homelessness prevention. Why are do we focus on these issues? Because YOU prioritized them through public meetings, surveys and advocacy. No one program is enough to transform an entire neighborhood or city. However, the linking of ideas, people and individual projects is the best way to make positive change in Niagara Falls, every day.       

Our department’s programs are funded in large part by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Our primary HUD funding sources are:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

  • Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

  • Emergency Solutions Grant Program (ESG)

  • Leased Housing Program (Section 8)

Public Participation is at the core of Niagara Falls Community Development’s work.  All of are programs are driven by multi year comprehensive plans, and annual administrative plans that were drafted and approved through public input.