Q: Does My Opinion Matter In Niagara Falls? A: YES

Help Us Build Your 2018 Community Development Action Plan

Common Misconceptions: Government does not listen. You cannot fight city hall.

Most people only interact with government, especially at the local level, when there is complaint, emergency, or bill to be paid.  These situations create reactionary circumstances, where a problem needs to be resolved immediately or a decision needs to be challenged right away. Few people leave these experiences feeling like their ideas were the focal point of the transaction.

That is where the annual Niagara Falls Community Development Action Plan comes in. Not only are we listening: you are driving the entire process. This is not lip service.  Year after year, our United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded projects started as ideas or conversation in a neighborhood meeting.

Here are recent examples:

  • The Niagara Falls Skate Park
  • The Hyde Park Playground
  • 70th Street Park Playground
  • Jerauld Avenue Park Playground
  • D’Amelio Park Improvements

We are again inviting Niagara Falls residents to help us build the 2018 Community Development Action Plan.  We start with neighborhood meetings and citizen surveys, invite organizations to apply for funds, create a draft budget, invite the public to comment on the draft budget, then we submit that draft budget to the Niagara Falls City Council and HUD for approval.

There are many steps to our months long process on purpose. We want to give you several opportunities to participate. We know people are busy, so we are offering different meeting times and online options. At no point do we want you to feel as though you are reacting quickly to our spending plan. You are the neighborhood experts. This is your budget. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings,, with information detailed below. 

2018 Community Development Action Plan Meetings HERE

2018 Community Development Action Plan Applications HERE