Stepping Up Quality of Life Code Enforcement

At this week's Niagara Falls Housing Court sessions, the City asked the Court to issue 14 arrest warrants to property owners that have not responded to multiple court appearance tickets. Earlier this month, the Code Enforcement Department sent 96 hour tow notices to properties that have non-operable vehicles on their parcels, causing community complaints. We have also sent 30 day letters to building owners that have ignored past court apperance tickets for illegal, and potentially dangerous, equipment and signage on their properties. If they do not remove these items, the City will do so, and add the removal costs to the owner's taxes.

Those property owners moved the vehicles. The Housing Court Judge is considering the warrants until next month's court session.

Why are we doing this? Persistent and unaddressed code violations negatively affect surrounding neighborhood quality of life. At the same time, tactical responses from the City show our residents that we are listening, and more importantly, acting. We are working with the City Administrator, Legal Department and Niagara Falls Police and Public Works Departments to create a common sense approach to strengthening our streets. More to come.