City Council Vote: 91st Street & Jayne Parks Move Forward. Outdoor Ice Skating Voted Down.

On March 15, 2018, Niagara Falls Community Development presented the Niagara Falls City Council with three resolutions for new playgrounds at 91st Street and Jayne Parks and the purchase of a temporary ice skating rink, for winter use in our community. The resolutions would show support of three competitive grant applications to the Niagara River Greenway Commission, requiring no city or local tax payer funds, for these family-friendly projects. 

The City Council voted to support the 91st Street and Jayne Park Projects (Yes: Touma, Kennedy, Tompkins. No: Scott, Voccio) and to oppose the outdoor ice skating project (Yes: Touma. No: Kennedy, Scott, Tompkins, Voccio). 

Two take away from the votes:

1. We are excited to move the 91st Street and Jayne Park Projects forward because they are the direct result of neighborhood grassroots advocacy. These projects start with your ideas in community meetings, because that's how government is supposed to work. 

2. We should not give up on outdoor ice skating. Again and again, our residents tell us that we need more events for families, locals and visitors in our city, especially in the winter. Our team thinks about these needs everyday. The City Council was supportive of this project in January, but now have questions about the project's details. Good, that's also how government is supposed to work. So, let's work together and find a pathway to winter skating in 2018.

"We are willing to discuss more potential locations for the ice skating rink with the City Council and the community. We also think moving the rink to multiple locations makes sense. The first step is securing the grant funds and buying the rink. Last night's vote makes those two steps impossible, at least for now. We want our residents, and especially our kids, to be able to skate in 2018, so we need to create a solution, right now," said Seth Piccirillo, Director of Community Development and Code Enforcement.