Niagara Falls in Sweet 16 for Strongest Town Contest

The City of Niagara Falls has been selected for the 2018 Strongest Town Sweet 16!  The Strongest Town Contest is a bracket-based competition for urban communities to face off and see which town has the strongest practices.  The competition, styled after NCAA March Madness, is hosted by Strong Towns, a non-profit that advocates for models of development that allows America's cities, town and neighborhoods to grow financially strong and resilient.

Highlighting recently enacted Community Development Department strategies like the Zombie Fight Project, Participatory Budgeting and the Home Ownership Auction, Niagara Falls will now face other cities that are also working towards stronger municipal decisions in an online competition. 

"Niagara Falls Community Development accomplishes neighborhood wins through strategic decisions and constant community input. We believe that our approach is on the cutting edge, and look forward to telling our community's story to a national audience. As always, we will need help from local residents to be successful in this competition," said Seth Piccirillo, Director of Niagara Falls Community Development.

The first round of competition will start off with four article match ups that visitors can read and vote on for who they think is the strongest towns.  The first round is now live and you can read about and vote for Niagara Falls HERE.  The Elite 8 round will consist of pictures and descriptions that show the unique story of each city followed by a voting period.  The Final 4 round will have each remaining city on a Strong Town podcast where each city will make their case and another round of public voting.  The Finals, held on Monday, March 26 will feature a webinar showdown and live voting session to determine the winner.

A copy of the Strongest Town Contest 2018 press release from Strong Towns can be found HERE.