Next Step for Hyde Park Inclusionary Play Project

Tonight (2/28/18), the Niagara Falls City Council will vote to approve the equipment purchase for the Hyde Park Inclusionary Play Project. This project requires no local dollars, and is funded by competitive grants. This is an import step for a project designed to give all children a special place for free play.

We have noticed the comment "With what money?" come up in response to some of our upcoming projects. The answer is "Not local tax revenue or casino funds." Our department, and partners, apply for competitive grants to help get neighborhood work done, regardless of local budget issues. We also empower NF citizens to decide how CDBG funds are spent, through participatory budgeting.

Yes, this is a different way to get things done in Niagara Falls, than in the past. Yes, not all cities are approaching community investment in the same way. We are proud of this, and committed to the continued creation of dynamic public spaces in your city.