More Family Friendly Spaces w/o Local Tax $

The Niagara Falls Community Development Department (NFCD) applied to the Niagara River Greenway Commission to create new playgrounds at 91st Street and Jayne Parks and a downtown ice skating. These are your ideas. Our task is making them a reality, without reliance of local tax dollars. This Thursday, the Niagara Falls City Council will vote on resolutions in support of Niagara River Greenway Commission Host Community funds for these projects. In the coming months, we will know if these competitive grant applications were successful.

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The idea for improvements at 91st Street Park started with advocacy from the Niagara Falls Resident Engagement Council. The  plan for a better Jayne Park playground was created by neighboring parents and children. Both concepts are consistent with the Niagara Falls Parks Master Plan. Outdoor ice skating is supported by residents and business people who know we need more to do in the winter months, and will be part of Jingle Falls USA.  We found grant opportunities that fit your needs and advocacy, and are going after competitive dollars. This is not just about doing more with less. We are simply focused on doing more.