Let's Get Together This Month

Niagara Falls, let’s collaborate. Let’s plan improvements as a community, connect local companies with local construction work, show hard working small business people some love and tell our story to a national audience. Let’s do all of that…in March 2018.

There are several opportunities to get involved with your Niagara Falls Community Development Department this month. More information below:

Strong Town Voting

Our team has nominated the City of Niagara Falls for Strong Towns’ Strongest Town Contest. We believe that our new community development strategies are collaborative, cutting edge and worth talking about! The Strongest Town Contest is our opportunity to tell our own story to the rest of the country. Please consider voting for Niagara Falls, here.

March 20 - Sugar Street Cash Mob

7 am – Sugar Street Café / 6926 Buffalo Avenue

Grab coffee and a treat before work, all while shopping small in your community. Shopping small makes a big local impact. Event details here.

March 21 – 2018 Contractors’ Breakfast

8 am – The Carnegie Building / 1022 Main Street

Contractors: There is year-round housing renovation work available in the City of Niagara Falls. Our average invoice payment time is less than 20 days. Come to breakfast and learn more. Event details here.

March 21 - Niagara Falls Housing Court

1 pm – Niagara Falls City Court, Room 22 / 1925 Main Street

We are welcoming the community to a session of the Niagara Falls Housing Court to learn more about the process and to show how important this issue is to our residents. Public processes improve through public attention. We hope to see you there. Event details here.

March 21 - New Basketball Courts Planning Meeting

5:30 pm - Carnegie Building - 1022 Main Street

The community spoke. We listened. Now, let’s plan the details together. New basketball courts at Hyde Park and Gill Creek Park were selected through PB360. The purpose of the March 21st meeting is to discuss specific court locations, get feedback from local residents and review project timelines. Event details here.

March 26 - Garden Avenue Park Planning Meeting  

4:30 pm Doris W. Jones Family Resource Building

With assistance from New York State Senator Rob Ortt, Niagara Falls Community Development has access to state funds to create a pocket park on Garden Avenue. As with all of our community projects, we want to plan this park with the residents that will use it! We welcome local citizens to attend this meeting. Event details here.