Zombie Poster Child Listed for Sale (2916 Linwood Ave.)

Niagara Falls Zombie Fight Project Sees Success  Linwood Avenue

Long-time Zombie Property To Be Auctioned

Contact: Christine.marino@niagarafallsny.gov

August 9, 2017 - For many years, 2916 Linwood Avenue has been a source of frustration for neighboring residents. Vacant and stuck in bank foreclosure since 2012, a deteriorating roof and moldy smell have plagued the well maintained street facing Hyde Park.

With effort from the newly created Niagara Falls Community Development Zombie Fight Project (ZFP), and direct communication with PennyMac Loans, Inc., the bank responsible for the property, a resolution has been reached. The vacant house’s foreclosure has finally been completed and it will be sold at auction on August 21, 2017 at Niagara Falls City Hall; 2:00pm. The starting bid amount is not yet disclosed as public information.

Christine Marino, Project Coordinator for the ZFP stated, “This is a big win for our project, as 2916 Linwood Avenue has been a poster child of the broken foreclosure process. The bank recognized our urgency and moved the process accordingly. Most importantly, we thank the neighboring residents for their patience and persistence.”  

Under the New York State’s Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act, municipalities may fine banks up to $500 day for the exterior code violations, until the foreclosure is completed. While the ZFP sent a notice to PennyMac Loans, Inc. of such violations, sale of these properties was the ultimate goal. The scheduled auction creates a new opportunity for renovation and home ownership.

To learn more about the ZFP, visit www.nf-cd.org/zombie-fight-project-updates