NF Community Development: Our Work In Lasalle

Community Development: Our Work in Lasalle

We know that established opinions are hard to change, especially when it comes to government. We also know that the only way to prove a new point is through results.

Niagara Falls Community Development works in Lasalle, as we do in all sections of your city. We take neighborhood participation and investment seriously, and try and spread out accomplishments as much as possible. Do not just take our word for it. Please keep scrolling.

This post highlights past, present and future projects that our department is working on, in Lasalle. They are the result of community meetings, conversation and partnerships in that neighborhood. 

We also appreciate that non-Lasalle readers may be saying, “What about my neighborhood?” Fair point. There will be more posts like this coming throughout the summer, highlighting our work in the other neighborhoods as well.

82 Home Owner Renovations/First-time Home Buyer Grants

Our department assisted a total of 82 home owners in Lasalle, through our home renovation/closing cost assistance programs, in federal grant years 2012-17, with several currently in progress. Through these programs, CDBG funds were used to either renovate an existing house or help a first-time buyer create a new home.

70th Street Park

Last year we used CDBG funds to create a brand new playground and basketball court at 70th Street Park. We held neighborhood meetings over two years to ask the residents about what they wanted to see at their park. The process worked. Today, the park gets constant use and adds value to a strong neighborhood.

Family Movie Night at 70th Street Park

In addition to 70th Street Park, the City of Niagara Falls has made improvements to Lasalle Waterfront Park, Griffon Park and the city boat docks, Caravelle Park Playground, and Jayne Park over the past six years.   

We are excited to host a family movie night at 70th Street Park this year. Check out and join us for a screening of Despicable Me 3 on August 15.

2018 Playground Projects

This year, our department successfully applied for Niagara River Greenway grant funds to create new playgrounds at both Jayne and 91st Street Parks.  Just like with 70th Street Park, we met with residents, took in their ideas, and moved forward. Both of those projects are currently out for bid.

Home Ownership Auction

We held our fifth home ownership auction this month, offering ten houses for sale to people willing to renovate and renovate, and live in them, for five years. This year, five of the properties are located in Lasalle. These houses were pulled from the standard tax foreclosure auction process because we believe that home ownership is a game changer in every neighborhood, including Lasalle.

Small Business Cash Mobs

Our team knows that shopping small has a BIG impact on the economy. We have organized cash mobs throughout the city in the past two years, as a way to invite customers into local small businesses. In 2018, we have hosted cash mobs at Sugar Street Café and the River Pub. We hope that you join us on Friday, July 20 at the Sunshine Café. We will be hosting another cash mob from 7 to 10 am.

Our work is never done. There is always more to accomplish, and more ways that we can make our city a better place to live, work, and play. Looking back at the progress we’ve made in just a few short years serves as a reminder of how far we can go in the future.