The value of 45 cavases

45 works of art created by young people at yesterday's S.T.E.A.M. Pendulum Painting, sponsored by NYS Health Foundation.

-An average of two kids per canvas.
-2.5 hour event.
-At least 90-100 total youth hours spent. ...
-Under $300 in supplies needed.

Society tracks almost everything by a per hour dollar value, but how much is an hour of constructive play/learning spent by a young person worth to the community? How much is an hour at the skate park or a playground worth to a young person? Why don't we think of youth and public space investment as value generators and deterrents of negative and truly costly incidents?

High quality public spaces and events are not amenities. They generate community value. They impact neighborhoods, and if done right, do not cost a fortune. Our kids are worth the effort.