2018 Action Plan Grants - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read the full instructions for 2018 Action Plan Grants before applying.  Full instructions can be found HERE.

+ When is the final date to submbit an application?

Friday, October 27 no later than 12pm.

+ Is the application only available online?

Yes. The application is only available online through ZoomGrants. You must make an account through ZoomGrants before you can submit your pre-application and application. Be prepared to answer basic questions about your organization when making your ZoomGrants account.

+ What is the pre-application and what do I need to know?

The pre-application is a short set of questions that screen for basic eligibility to grant requirements and for NF CD staff to keep track of incoming applications. Before submitting a pre-application, you must have completed a ZoomGrants account. Once a pre-application is submitted, NF CD staff will review and either (1) approve your pre-application or (2) send back comments explaining why your pre-application cannot be approved yet and what you can do to receive approval. You will receive a response within 1 business day and will be notified via ZoomGrants and email based on your account settings.

+ Why can't I open the application?

(1) You must complete all fields in your ZoomGrants account before your can submit an application.

(2) You must submit a pre-application before you will have access to the full application.

(3) Your pre-application is waiting for review by NF CD staff and has not been approved yet.

(4) You have selected to "Preview" the application instead of "Apply".

(4) There are technical difficulties and you must contact ZoomGrants at Questions@ZoomGrants.com.

+ My organization would like to apply for more than one project. Do I need to submit multiple applications per project?

Yes, each application should be for one project type only. For example, if your agency wants to apply for housing rehabilitation and closing cost homeowner assistance, you will need to provide two applications. If your agency provides summer youth services that has multiple programs, but all programs occur during the same time frame and are only available to youth, then only one application is necessary.

+ I'm having technical difficulties with the application. Who do I ask for help?

Please refer to the ZoomGrants University help page for technical issues. You can find the page at http://help.zoomgrants.com/

+ I have questions about the application questions, application process, or CDBG/HOME/ESG. Who do I ask for help?

All questions can be directed to Ryan Undercoffer, Finance Manager, at ryan.undercoffer@niagarafallsny.gov or (716) 286-4331.